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The innovation of modern silk printing plate making technology

with the rapid development of high technology, printing, like other printing methods, introduces computer technology into the field of prepress plate making technology, so that the combination of text and text, color separation, and direct output plate making can be completed at one time. In recent years, due to the fact that the prepress processing of silk printing has realized the desktop system as well as the rapid and pollution-free printing and post press processing as offset printing, printing products that could only be manufactured and processed in factories with a considerable scale in the past can now be completed in shops on the street. For example, color images can be printed by using a digital camera with a photocopier, or a desktop computer image combination processing system can be used to combine natural landscapes with any photos into a new image, which can be transferred to T-shirts or other containers after being printed by a laser printer. The whole printing process takes less than ten minutes. Through these computerized, rapid and miniaturized equipment, the whole product manufacturing process is displayed in front of consumers through transparent windows, so as to attract more customers. This processing method is like the current rise in large and medium-sized cities in China. The reason is that the material surface forms a continuous 3al3o2 bull; 2SiO2 protective film; But it is at 500 DEG; C oxidation in the process of rapid printing, forming a new hot industry

in terms of prepress processing, Chinese Mainland has developed a system called "silk screen color graphic creative color separation plate making system". It is a complete set of prepress processing system with computer as the core, which integrates text plate making, graphic image input, image color separation and addition, layout design, creative design of deformation processing, and whole page composition of text and image, and can be directly output into silk screen version. This kind of plate making system is mainly composed of the following four parts:

1, text and image input, and processor

2. Image color separation, color correction and addition system

3. The text image combination system can make up the whole page according to the layout design requirements, make further processing, make a complete layout, and determine the output mode of the output layout according to the printing situation

4. Layout output system, which has a variety of output modes: it can be output by laser Imagesetter or electric extension; It can also be output by laser printer, color or monochrome printer; It can also be output by engraving machine or color inkjet printer. According to the above achievements, the annual growth rate of China's chemical industry's foreign investment can reach about 80%. This kind of prepress processing system can be configured into the following three types with different prices (it can also be configured according to the specific situation of users), namely, simple type (universal type), medium-grade type and high-grade type

In the late 1990s, with the continuous maturity of computer digital processing technology, a major technological revolution is being caused in the printing technology, which means that users will be able to operate the system in the way of operating modern electronic equipment. This is the computer film free direct plate making method CTP (computer to plate), also known as digital direct plate making method. CTP plate making method was applied in offset printing many years earlier than printing. In the printing industry, it is necessary to turn the upper chuck handle to grasp the upper end of the wire rod. This technology and equipment have been exhibited at the international printing exhibitions in the United States and Europe in the past two years. It transplants inkjet inkjet process technology to CTP plate making

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