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Seize the sharp tool of innovation "industrial design" frequently appears in the local two sessions

auspicious snow heralds a good year, and China Vientiane is new. Recently, all regions have entered the "two sessions time" in the flying snowflakes. It is noteworthy that "industrial design" has once again become a "hot word" at the 2018 local two sessions. Guangdong, Hebei and other provinces have also clearly included "industrial design" in the government work report

Hebei: create a "design +" industrial chain

Xu Qin, governor of Hebei Province, made it clear in his government work report at the first session of the 13th National People's Congress that it is necessary to transform and upgrade traditional industries, seriously implement policies and measures to support the development of industrial design, and create a "design +" industrial chain, Drive products to high quality. After testing the friction coefficient of plastic packaging materials, it can effectively deal with the problems encountered by a wide range of users and improve the direction of high added value

to improve the added value of products, industrial design can be regarded as a victory device. "If you want to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, you need to activate the demand side, turn advanced design resources into experimental machines for manufacturing development, and use them as the endogenous driving force of equipment necessary to control product quality." Houzhigang, deputy to the National People's Congress of Hebei Province and Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of CRRC Tangshan Locomotive and rolling stock Co., Ltd., said that through industrial design, CRRC Tangshan has significantly increased the passenger capacity of EMUs, effectively solving the outstanding problems of existing EMUs, such as high per capita energy consumption, low operating economy, poor long-distance comfort and so on

Li Weimin, a representative of Hebei Provincial People's Congress and the party secretary and executive director of Jihua 3502 professional wear Co., Ltd., also felt deeply about the importance of industrial design: "industrial design has helped us innovate in our business model. Originally, we were pure manufacturing enterprises. Now we use Internet technology to realize the connection between B (factory) and C (customer), and customer needs are directly connected with production. These are inseparable from industrial design."

it is noted that CRRC Tangshan Locomotive and rolling stock Co., Ltd. and Jihua 3502 professional wear Co., Ltd. are both recognized as national industrial design centers by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and can be called the leaders of industrial design innovation

"industrial design is not the 'exterior decoration' of products, but a new development concept that closely links innovation, technology, commerce, research and consumers." Wang Xiaotian, general manager of Beijing edwo Industrial Design Co., Ltd., said that in 2017, Hebei issued the "several policies and measures on supporting the development of industrial design", which initially arranged a special fund of no less than 500 million yuan, and its support is rare in China. He hoped that this year, the government could learn more about the needs of Hebei enterprises, especially those whose development has encountered bottlenecks, and let industrial design, the "golden key", open the shackles of innovation for enterprises

Guangdong: create an industrial design corridor in the Pearl River Delta

MA Xingrui, governor of Guangdong Province, mentioned in his government work report at the first session of the 13th Guangdong Provincial People's Congress that we should vigorously improve the scale and quality of modern service industry. Promote the integrated development of Internet, big data, cloud computing and service industry, implement the action to improve the brand value of modern service industry, and increase the added value of modern service industry to 63% of the service industry. Vigorously develop industrial design, cultivate three industrial design bases with more than 1000 designers, and create an industrial design corridor in the Pearl River Delta

obviously, the location of industrial design corridor in the Pearl River Delta has obvious regional advantages

as a major manufacturing province, Guangdong's industrial added value accounts for 12.7% of the country. The strong manufacturing industry provides a broad stage for industrial design. At present, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Shunde, Dongguan and other places are the main gathering areas of industrial design enterprises in Guangdong, and also the places with relatively developed manufacturing industry in Guangdong. Due to its close proximity to the industry, enterprises in the Pearl River Delta can industrialize design creativity at the fastest speed, so as to improve the integration and development speed of manufacturing and industrial design

as a prefecture level city under the jurisdiction of Guangdong Province, Foshan has also given a new mission to industrial design in the work report of the municipal government

at the "two sessions" in Foshan, Guangdong, the mayor of Foshan, Zhu Wei, made clear the new positioning of Foshan to build a "city of industrial design". At the same time, it is pointed out that Guangdong industrial design city should play a leading role, cultivate plastic deformation, and cultivate a number of design institutions with core competitiveness, internationally renowned industrial design masters and design brands with world influence

Shunde District of Foshan also proposed at the Party Congress that industrial design should be developed as a leading industry and an important industry in the manufacturing industry, focus on promoting the benchmarking and first-class planning development of Guangdong Industrial Design City, explore and hold industrial design exhibitions with national influence, improve the construction level of Guangdong Industrial Design City, and strive to build Shunde into a national industrial design highland, Lead the optimization and upgrading of traditional manufacturing enterprises. Nanhai District of Foshan also plans to actively connect the manufacturing industry by reducing the service and procurement costs of design companies. At the same time, we will increase the publicity and promotion of industrial design concepts, encourage enterprises to participate in the Locke designer Festival, and strengthen and expand the design festivals such as the lion awakening cup in the South China Sea

Jiangxi and Guangxi: "new players" sound industrial design

in addition to Hebei, the "new highland" of industrial design, and Guangdong, the "senior player" of industrial design, Jiangxi and Guangxi have also incorporated industrial design into their future development plans

the Jiangxi provincial government work report pointed out that we should thoroughly implement the strategic emerging industry multiplication plan and identify about 1000 high-tech enterprises. Accelerate the development of aviation industry, accelerate the construction of a strong province of traditional Chinese medicine, steadily promote the manufacturing and promotion and application of new energy vehicles, accelerate the breakthrough of key technology of new materials such as rare earth, accelerate the cultivation of key industries such as integrated circuits, Beidou communications, virtual reality, intelligent terminals, promote the development of big data, mobile IOT and other industries, and cultivate 10 provincial-level industrial design centers

Zheng Junkang, Secretary of Liuzhou municipal Party committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, said: "Liuzhou, Guangxi, will continue to implement the strategy of revitalizing the city through industry and opening up to strengthen Liuzhou, and will resolutely fight three major battles: industrial transformation and upgrading, infrastructure construction, and precision poverty eradication. This year, it will also focus on cultivating the city's intelligent rail transit, smart electricity, prefabricated buildings, industrial design, industrial robots, and industrial big data industries, so as to enhance and expand the new industries in Liuzhou."

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