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The innovation of China's power system leads the world

today, the power system that has made great contributions to human development is undergoing great changes, one of which is that China is replacing the United States as the new center of the global power system and the highland of technological progress

the national power company, which belongs to the national power company, has become the AC/DC hybrid power with the highest voltage level, the largest system scale and the strongest resource allocation ability in the world. The function, morphology and structure of electricity are undergoing profound changes. The world's largest is growing into a strong smart electricity with the characteristics of informatization, automation and interaction, and the scientific and technological innovation representing the world's highest level is her strongest backing

since the 11th five year plan, the most remarkable scientific and technological achievement of State Grid Corporation of China is the breakthrough of UHV technology. This project, which is the envy of the U.S. Secretary of energy, is the star of independent innovation of National Electric Corporation. In order to complete the unprecedented scientific and technological innovation of UHV, NEC actively promoted cross departmental and cross industry joint research, mobilized more than 70 units and tens of thousands of scientific and technological personnel at home and abroad to participate in the research of UHV key technologies. After several years of hard work, 118 UHV exchange scientific research projects were completed with high quality, nearly 400 innovative achievements were achieved, and a large number of original achievements ranked first in the world, It strongly supports the smooth construction and safe operation of UHV AC test demonstration project

smart electricity is the main trend of power system development today, and China is also in the leading position in the world. On June 9, the National Intelligent Power Research Institute, funded by the State Power Corporation of China, laid the foundation for single 1 projection lighting in the future science and Technology City, Changping District, Beijing. In March this year, the Party group of the State Grid Corporation of China decided to establish the National Intelligent Power Research Institute, which will focus on the research and development of technologies and products such as UHV and intelligent power high-end technology and equipment, core components, system integration, new energy equipment, etc. The total land area of China Intelligent Power Research Institute is 203000 square meters, with a registered capital of 1billion yuan. In the initial stage, the Institute will set up five research institutes and a standardized testing center for transformers, switches, intelligent power transmission and transformation technology, protection and automation, new energy and new materials, focusing on the research of seven categories of products, such as high-power power electronic devices, intelligent components, and new optical transformers. According to the plan, by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the hospital will achieve an asset scale of 3billion yuan and a sales revenue of more than 3.5 billion yuan

on June 14, Kelu electronics, with an operating revenue of 930million and a net profit of 125million in 2010, also announced an investment of 1.5 billion yuan to enter smart power, which surprised both inside and outside the industry. Kelu Electronics announced that it plans to invest less than 5% of the total investment in Nanchang National High Tech Development Zone in Jiangxi Province. The loss rate of fruits and vegetables in developed countries is about 1.5 billion yuan. It plans to build Kelu Electronics (Nanchang) intelligent electricity research and development and industrial base, with a planned land area of 76700 square meters. The long-term planned total investment of the industrial base is about 1.5 billion yuan, including construction investment of 1billion yuan and initial working capital of about 500million yuan. The company said that through the construction of Nanchang base, it will vigorously develop the company's smart electricity related products such as smart electricity meters, smart substations, smart electricity systems, smart homes, standard instruments and meters, and smart electricity automation products that have obviously awakened after the financial crisis, continue to increase product research and development efforts and expand the scale of industrialization, so as to win the most favorable external environment for the company

China's power developers and users are using their wisdom and creativity to build a new era of the world's power system. (xiaojide)

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