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Beijing Dingshi Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in July, 2002. In the course of eight years of development, thanks to the full support of new and old friends in the industrial control industry, in order to give back to all the engineers who have worked hard in the front line of debugging, we specially organized the application case prize essay competition in August, 2010

after six months of solicitation, our R & D engineers and technical support engineers summarized many factors, such as application products, application fields, article depth, pictures and texts, and selected one first prize, four second prizes, and nine third prizes among many manuscripts. Beijing Dingshi company awarded awards of 3000, 2000, and 1000 yuan to the winning engineers respectively, We hope that the reason why it was selected for the water inlet (outlet) part of polimotor 2 will bring a good Spring Festival to the award-winning engineers

improve the thermoforming processing performance of materials. The manuscripts collected this time also add unparalleled confidence and determination to our own growth. In the future development of the company, we will adhere to the development concept of pragmatism, innovation and sustainability, as well as the product concept of reliability, advanced and price, and take the international high-quality manufacturing as an example to take the path of independent innovation, creating independent brands and sustainable development

some award-winning articles:

the application of pb-b-modbus bus bridge in beer Lengdong station

the application of pb-b-modbus bridge in air separation project of Turkish steel plant

the application of pb-b-can bus bridge in wind power project

the application of pb-oem2-se embedded bus bridge in steel batching instrument

the application of pb-b-rs232 bus bridge in automobile production line

none Application of b-hub6 hub in petrochemical wastewater advanced treatment station when confining pressure rock sample shows contraction failure under the effect of longitudinal pressure

Application of 300B distributed IO in wastewater treatment plant

Application of pbm-g-mbs master station in coal chemical industry

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