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Weichai's innovation path of pursuing dreams

"our dream is to be the world's Weichai, build a world leading Weichai, and let Weichai's brand shine on the world stage." Tan Xuguang, chairman of Weichai group, described Weichai dream like this

Tan Xuguang, chairman of Weichai group, described that Weichai's raw materials come from renewable biological materials such as crop stalks. Chai Meng

What does Weichai rely on to pursue its dream? As the leader of China's equipment manufacturing industry, Weichai group has embarked on a unique path of innovation: core technology innovation + international operation innovation. With the implementation of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, Weichai people are getting closer to their dreams of Weichai

"I-centered, chain innovation" casts the soul of development

"innovation is the soul of enterprise development. From a single product to multiple businesses, from national power to international Weichai, Weichai has made major leaps in each step in the past ten years, all of which reflect the contribution and value of scientific and technological innovation." As the head of Weichai, Tan Xuguang understands the importance of innovation in enterprise development

Weichai independently developed ECU

Weichai is the first high-speed high-power blue engine engine with completely independent intellectual property rights in China, the first set of independent ECU electronic control system in China, and the only State Key Laboratory for internal combustion engine reliability of enterprises in the industry... These achievements are the best examples of Weichai moving forward on the road of independent innovation in recent years

"under the concept of 'I-centered, chain innovation', we have constantly broken through monopolies in the field of scientific and technological innovation, constantly climbed the peak, established global collaborative R & D centers in China, the United States, Germany, Italy and France, owned many R & D platforms such as national key laboratories, and formed nearly 3000 technologies and patents with independent intellectual property rights." Tan Xuguang said proudly

State Key Laboratory of internal combustion engine reliability

take the State Key Laboratory of internal combustion engine reliability for example, the total investment of the laboratory is 530million yuan, the construction area is 11200 square meters, the scientific research equipment is 370million yuan, and the supporting facilities are 120million yuan. It can meet the reliability and key parts of the internal combustion engine, but as its ldquo; Heart rdquo; The key materials of nuclear power core have not met the research needs of reliability, reliability prediction and evaluation of localized parts, and it is currently a laboratory with complete functions and outstanding capabilities in the same industry in China. "At the beginning of the laboratory application, some experts questioned: 'what advanced technology is reliability? It's better to apply for new energy-saving technologies, material lightweight and other technologies.'" tongdehui, vice president of Weichai Power, said that Weichai still insisted on applying for reliability at that time, because when benchmarking with the international industry, it was found that reliability was the biggest gap between China's internal combustion engine and the world's advanced level. Moreover, the improvement of reliability is also the basis and premise for the development of energy conservation, emission reduction and lightweight

Weichai adheres to both global talent introduction and independent training

Weichai adheres to both global talent introduction and independent training, pays equal attention to talent introduction and creating an environment, and builds a global talent gathering highland. Weichai has set up a professional recruitment team led by the chairman, visited European and American talent gathering places for many times, introduced technology leading talents, and introduced more than 300 medium and high-end talents in total. Among Weichai's scientific and technological talent team, one was selected into the "national hundred and ten million talent project", six were selected into the national "thousand talent plan", nine were rated as the leading talents of Mount Tai industry, 11 enjoyed the special allowance of the State Council, and 15 were rated as the chief technician of Shandong Province

intelligent manufacturing demonstration base and digital workshop

nowadays, Weichai is embracing interconnection, relying on Intelligent Manufacturing demonstration base and digital workshop, building an intelligent manufacturing mode with Weichai characteristics, accelerating the construction of Weichai intelligent factory, promoting the implementation of industrial interconnection planning, and leading enterprises to take the lead in intelligent manufacturing

"cultural integration, bona fide acquisition" paves the blueprint for internationalization

with the promotion of the "the Belt and Road" strategy and the enhancement of the enterprise's own strength, Weichai has already begun its global layout. From export trade to international mergers and acquisitions, the pace of internationalization of Weichai is also faster and faster

in recent years, Weichai has successively acquired international well-known enterprises such as French boduan company, Italian Faraday company, German Kaiao group and Linde hydraulic, and achieved gratifying results in leading sales of heavy-duty engines and leading hydraulic technology industry

"cultural integration, goodwill acquisition" paves the blueprint for internationalization

in Tan Xuguang's view, mergers and acquisitions are not "eaten", but integration. "Cultural integration and goodwill acquisition" is a key weight for the success of Weichai. When acquiring French boduan company, Weichai offered only 2.99 million euros, while a foreign bidder once offered 15million euros. How does Weichai win with low price? The reason is that Weichai promised that none of boduan's more than 100 employees would be laid off, while its competitors demanded immediate layoffs of 30%. Finally, Weichai was recognized

when acquiring German Kaiao group and Linde hydraulic, Weichai defeated foreign well-known investment banks after half a year of game, setting a record for Chinese enterprises' Mergers and acquisitions in Germany so far. Now, Weichai has integrated "engine + hydraulic" to build a global hydraulic powertrain system, and has formulated a plan to "rebuild a Weichai" in the next 5 to 8 years

weichaizhu successfully developed the energy density of 400 wh/kg, capacity of 3 kwh The innovation road of the dream of the magnesium air battery power generation system with an output power of 300 W

the innovation road of Weichai dream pursuing

"At present, these M & A companies have achieved a good development trend, and have achieved resource sharing with Weichai. We have cooperated with another production line exhibition built in 2016. We have achieved our original goals and commitments with solid actions step by step, proving that Chinese enterprises can fully integrate the leading enterprises in developed countries." Tan Xuguang said

nowadays, Weichai's domestic and foreign businesses account for half of the country, and it has become a leading Chinese equipment manufacturing brand with global strategic business coverage and internationalization

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