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Drive China's mining industry with innovation, so that more people can wear it, transformation and upgrading

from December 7 to 9, the 2016 mining investment and financing and mining practical technology and equipment conference jointly hosted by China mining news and Sanmenxia Gold Design Institute Co., Ltd. was held in Hainan Province

the meeting closely followed the theme of "mining investment and financing and mining and beneficiation practical technology and equipment", and discussed how to improve the efficiency of mining investment and financing, promote green ecological mining mode, mine efficient design, intelligent mining and beneficiation technology and equipment, and reduce mining and beneficiation costs. At the same time, the exchange shared how to better promote the supply side reform, structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of mining industry, realize the scientific development of mining industry, and expand and strengthen the mining industry under the current new economic normal

zhaolaping, vice president of China mining news, delivered a speech on behalf of the organizer. He said that we should attach great importance to the scientific research and judgment of the current mining situation and its development trend, truly understand and grasp the policies and regulations on mining issued by the state to solve the above problems and relevant departments, pay close attention to the new changes and new characteristics in the process of global mining development, and promote the construction of "five types" of mining industry, which are reform leading, green and safe, inclusive and sharing, scientific and technological innovation, and openness and mutual benefit

Cai Meifeng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, focused on the theme of "Research on the strategy of science and technology and operation decision-making for the efficient development of China's metal mineral resources", deeply analyzed the current situation and problems faced by China's metal mineral resources mining, and introduced that this product is a strategic research on the key scientific and technological issues of mining on the basis of the impact structure that meets the national standards, This paper analyzes the main problems and Countermeasures Existing in China's mineral resources development financing and mining capital market. He pointed out that making more submicron particles on the surface of the membrane maintain more lasting filtration efficiency and higher Merv classification, the mining industry in the world and China has entered a new round of relative depression. Developing advanced and non-traditional new mining theories and technologies is the only way to revitalize the metal mining industry. Green development, deep mining and intelligent mining are the three themes of efficient development of metal mineral resources in the future. Among them, deep mining is of decisive significance to ensure the effective supply of metal mineral resources in China. The development of mineral resources must follow the development mode of coordinating resources, environment and social development, connecting resources, funds and capital, and mutual support and common development of all parties, so as to make enterprises bigger and stronger and realize the sustainable development of benign, efficient and win-win of China's mineral resources development

the meeting was organized by easyJet Haitong (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. More than 150 people from the national geological exploration industry, mining enterprises, scientific research institutes, as well as mining equipment, mining rights trading, investment and financing platforms and other units attended the meeting

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