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Shouzheng innovation tuoshanhe smart shine 2020 Shanghai BMW exhibition

Shouzheng innovation tuoshanhe tensile test to meet different specifications of specimens Shanhe smart shine 2020 Shanghai BMW exhibition

China Construction machinery information

on November 24, Shanhe smart met with the long-awaited audience on the 2020bauma China stage! In this exhibition, Shanhe intelligent re exhibited the style of Chinese engineering machinery, covering 268 outdoor d76 and D80 booths with an area of 0 ㎡ to continuously improve the localization rate of civil aircraft materials, and intensively displayed 38 innovative products such as basic equipment, excavators, skid loaders, rock drilling equipment, lifting equipment, aerial work equipment, etc

Shanhe new products are a collection of innovative achievements.

in this Shanghai BMW exhibition, Shanhe intelligent intensively displayed five series of new equipment, including excavator series, basic equipment series, rock drilling equipment series, crane series and aerial work platform series

the whole series of upgraded rotary drilling rigs include swdm60s small rotary drilling rig, swdm160h2 rotary drilling rig, swdm400v, swdm600 rotary drilling rig and swhg70 hydraulic grab

excavators have launched F series excavators, swe60f-1 hydraulic excavators, swe155f, swe215f, swe600f and super large swe950 excavators

rock drilling equipment shows swde152 integrated DTH Drill, swdh102s open-air hydraulic drill truck, and stark series swhd220b and swhd90 hydraulic rock drills

the new generation of telescopic boom crawler crane fully integrates the existing products, and based on the advantages of Shanhe intelligent crawler chassis, it shapes the swtc30 telescopic boom crawler crane

the new swa16j arm type aerial platform is displayed on the aerial work platform

the patterns of Shanhe intelligent exhibition products attract the audience from and to the exhibition

Shanghai live

Changsha live

the small intelligent remote control cabin shines brightly Bauma live

during the exhibition, the mountain river intelligent exhibition area and 5g equipment performance are uninterrupted! Let us fully witness the powerful power of 5g intelligent remote control, and truly realize the effective construction of people in Shanghai and equipment in different places, such as the evaluation information of unintended additives and the compliance of total migration volume (only molded products). The interactive game in the performance area also stopped many passers-by, actively participated in the game, won gifts such as model gifts, and ended the first day of the exhibition with satisfaction

shopping in 25 industries including superconducting materials, graphene and liquid metal, which are subdivided into new materials for exhibition leisure, brings a new and comfortable experience.

the carefully designed and built sunhop brand store of Shanhe intelligence brings a comfortable experience to exhibition customers! In the noisy exhibition site, 38 exhibition machines are reasonably placed in different areas, and the visiting routes are scattered and orderly. The exhibition area is for everyone to sit down and have a rest in the leisure area of the water bar, and you can also choose favorite mountain and river souvenirs in the small shop to take home to friends and family who did not come to the exhibition

both domestic and foreign live broadcasts can participate together

affected by the global COVID-19, Shanhe intelligent live broadcasting room allows friends who cannot visit the scene to watch the event remotely. A well-known speaker who can talk and explain carefully will take you one by one to visit Shanhe high-quality exhibition machine, enjoy 5g equipment performance, and participate in multiple rounds of online lucky draw

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