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Innovation of foreign wine packaging containers

with the rapid development of the wine industry and the expansion of consumer groups, new materials and containers for wine packaging have been developed and applied in the world, winning the market with their respective functions and advantages

(I) PET beer bottle

Pet beer bottle is the most popular in the development of beer packaging. It has excellent barrier properties of carbon dioxide, oxygen, water and aroma, high impact resistance, high strength, high compressive strength, high transparency, high cleanliness, good processability, formability, physical and chemical stability, high temperature resistance, moisture absorption resistance, surface scratch resistance, crack resistance, lightweight and other advantages, There are also advantages such as recyclability and convenient transportation, which have been listed in many countries and have great potential

at present, PET beer bottles developed abroad have many varieties and different functions

◎ the United States has developed a PET beer container coated with hard carbon film

the raw material of PET bottle body is hydrogen carbide. The film composition contains 60 ~ 90% of amorphous carbon and 10 ~ 40% of hydrogen. The film thickness is 200 ~ 400A. Its barrier capacity is increased by more than 10 times. The material is flexible and the film will not be broken when stretched. Hard carbon film can absorb slight odor and block fragrance, with excellent chemical stability, acid, alkali and high temperature resistance (300 ℃), high transparency and safe use. It meets the safety standards of FDA, including the projects with an annual output of 40000 tons of polyoxymethylene and 150000 tons of hexanoic acid

◎ the United States developed the technology of vacuum plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition

to coat diamond-like carbon (DLC) on the inner surface of PET plastic bottles, which has the effect of barrier layer between beer and bottles, and improves the barrier property of pet gas by 5 ~ 10 times. DLC coated PET bottles have small odor and little absorption to beer aroma, and can be recycled and refilled with beer

◎ Germany has developed a low-cost PET beer bottle coated with silica on the surface

this bottle is transparent and glossy, and can be 100% recycled. It is used for filling beer, and its shelf life is far more than 6 months

◎ the PET beer bottle coated with high hydrogenated amorphous carbon developed by France Sidel company

its oxygen resistance is increased by 10 times, its carbon dioxide barrier performance is improved by 7 times, and the shelf life of the product is up to one year. It can be fully recycled. It has been approved by the FDA and has been applied in France, Britain, Italy and other countries

◎ SIPA company in Italy has developed a disposable pet beer bottle production line

this production line is produced from PET particles to bottle forming lines. The oxygen content of PET bottles is very low. Immediately coating and coloring, filling and capping the outside of the newly produced bottles can prevent oxygen from adhering to the bottle wall and releasing into the products. The bottles can reach super cleanliness, and also save the bottle placement site, sterilization and other processes. Moreover, the bottle color and coating can be recycled after being removed, and the clean bottle can be coated for use. The beer in this bottle can ensure the quality and reduce the cost

◎ launched in Sweden: PET beer bottle

this bottle is blow molded with 500ml grasrcin unique technology coated with a glass like silicon oxide thin layer on the inside. The inside of the silica coating is transparent and has excellent barrier property, which can prolong the fresh-keeping period of beer

◎ Australia has developed an ice beer PET bottle with the surface sprayed with cyclophosphamide

the shelf life of the bottle under non refrigerated conditions can reach 100 ~ 1, that is, several 10 pieces can be tested within 1 day for 20 days. In order to save money, pet (90%)/EVOH (100%) beer bottles have been developed, and the shelf life can reach 25 ~ 40 weeks

◎ schmalbachlubeca company of the United States produced PET/N/Pet three-layer beer bottles

the bottle cap is an aluminum crown cap with PE pull ring from growncork company of Japan. The cap weight is only 25g, which can maintain the shelf life of beer for 6 months. PET/EVOH/PET beer bottles with three-layer structure and PET beer bottles with three-layer structure with deoxygenation material as shielding layer are also developed, which meet the requirements of environmental protection and can be recycled

◎ American Miller Company developed a five layer structure beer bottle with polyamide shielding layer

the five layer structure of the bottle is PET/shielding layer/PET/shielding layer/PET, which is made of two layers of plastic resin, namely, core pet and shielding resin material. Core pet can be recycled after consumption. CPT patented technology is adopted for bottle making. The bottle is pasteurized, and the broken one is replaced with a spare dry spring relay, which will not deform, crack and soften. Its physical properties and strength are stable. The shelf life of beer is more than 4 months, which is basically the same as that of beer packaged in glass bottles and metal cans

◎ Mitsui chemical company of Japan produces mixed ba-030 copolyester on an industrial scale for beer bottles

this polyester material is used to make beer bottles with a five layer structure, including pet outer layer/ba-030/02 deoxygenation layer, UV barrier layer/Pet inner layer. When ba-030 is compounded with pet, its performance is better than or equal to pen

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