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Zhongxiang innovative LED lighting project helps the capital building

[electromechanical news] with the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, China's urban LED lighting industry has developed rapidly in just over a decade and achieved brilliant results. Recently, Zhongxiang innovation completed the transformation and construction of a well-known building lighting project in Beijing. At night, the building was brilliant and colorful

according to the introduction of the R & D department, Zhongxiang innovation has formulated a perfect scheme for the lighting project of the building, using the 1850 meter LED guardrail tube of Zhongxiang innovation with the model of rgb6 section; The 160 meter model 24W Zhongxiang innovative led wall washing lamp and 50 models 15W led buried lamps have a very gorgeous effect in the night. At night, the outer wall of the building will have a colorful effect of running water and horses

lighting project, also known as urban brilliance project, refers to the lighting of shopping malls, scenic spots and streets with a large number of people in order to beautify the urban environment and improve the overall image of the city. Urban lighting projects should reflect the artistic and humanistic characteristics of the city. The key to the quality of night scene lighting in a city is to have a good master plan. For example, in the construction of urban lighting projects in Shenyang, the construction of landscape lighting is planned according to the urban positioning, and the planning is divided into overall planning and local planning. Achieve the consistency between features and functional positioning. The urban lighting projects in Zhuzhou, Changsha, Shanghai, Dalian, Tianjin, Chongqing, Changzhi, Shanxi, and Shenzhen are obvious.

due to the strict and scientific overall planning, the lighting projects in cities have prominent emphasis and distinctive characteristics, which better show the functions, characteristics, and historical connotation of their respective cities. Urban bright chemical ecological functional polyurethane products will be the development focus of automotive materials. The process has developed from the simple pursuit of brightness to the pursuit of art and science. We should not only make the city bright, but also make the city beautiful. We should also produce more night scenery according to the current 2080 Ming boutique project with tax included in the factory. It has gradually realized the transition from lighting to the artistic direction of shaping night image and lighting, and has become a masterpiece of night scene lighting. Technical and management measures are relatively sound. Organizationally, the city has set up special institutions and personnel to manage this work. Technically, the lighting expert group is composed of relevant professional and technical departments and personnel to study, test and check the design, construction and commissioning of urban lighting projects. Pay attention to the construction and management of urban lighting projects. Management is very important to maintain the operation and lighting effect of urban lighting engineering facilities. In the process of urban lighting project construction and management, many cities have formulated many relevant regulations for this purpose, just as we set up this production line in the prototype stage

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(source: electromechanical correspondent: Li Xuexian: Chen Liang)

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