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The pilot of innovative industrial clusters ushered in a large expansion, and high-end manufacturing is the focus.

the pilot of innovative industrial clusters ushered in a new round of expansion again. Economic information daily learned from the Ministry of science and technology on the 13th that the third batch of innovative industrial cluster pilot projects in China have been officially launched, and 29 industrial clusters represented by Yangzhou CNC and forming machine tools have been included in the pilot list. Since then, there have been 61 industrial cluster pilot projects in China. In terms of industry, this pilot project is mainly focused on high-end manufacturing and biomedical industries. According to gb10800 (89) rigid polyurethane foams for thermal insulation of buildings in the industry, after nearly four years of development, China's industrial clusters have achieved remarkable results in water testing, and have changed from the initial land factor model to the nesting and Phoenix attracting platform model. The next step will be ecological services

the number of pilot capacity expansion increased significantly

the Ministry of science and technology pointed out in the notice issued on the same day that according to the administrative measures for the identification of innovative industrial clusters pilot, after review, 29 industrial clusters, including Yangzhou CNC, forming machine tools, Taizhou biomedicine, etc., are now included in the third batch of innovative industrial clusters pilot list

innovative industrial cluster refers to the industrial organization form with cross industry, cross regional driving effect and international competitiveness formed by the agglomeration of enterprises, R & D and service institutions related to the industrial chain in specific regions through division of labor, cooperation and collaborative innovation. According to the type of industry, it can be divided into traditional industrial innovative industrial clusters and high-tech industrial innovative industrial clusters; According to the type of innovation, it can be divided into product or technology led innovative industrial clusters and business model led innovative industrial clusters. Since 2013, the Ministry of science and technology has issued a notice on the administrative measures for the identification of innovative industrial clusters. In 2013 and 2014, a total of 32 innovative industrial clusters were identified in two batches

it is found that the 29 industrial clusters selected for the pilot in this round are mainly concentrated in the electronic and electrical and high-end manufacturing, biomedicine and automobile rail transit industries, with a number of 13, 7 and 6 respectively. Although the selected industries have not changed much compared with the first two batches, the number of pilot projects has increased, close to the sum of the first two batches

the Ministry of science and technology stressed in the notice issued on the 13th that it hoped relevant departments would continue to strengthen the leadership and support of individual steel mills with high inventories for the pilot work of innovative industrial clusters, further improve the coordination and promotion mechanism and safeguard measures of the pilot work, strengthen the construction of innovation system, strengthen collaborative innovation, and provide support and demonstration for the implementation of innovation driven development strategy and accelerating the transformation of old and new kinetic energy

the manager of a provincial high-tech park in eastern China, who was selected into the list of the second batch of cluster pilot projects, revealed to us that after the pilot of national innovative industrial clusters is approved, the torch center of the Ministry of science and technology will give strong support in policy support, capital investment and work guidance, and give key support to the science and technology plans related to the unified preparation of industrial cluster projects. The province will further support innovative industrial clusters in terms of policies, platforms, projects and other innovative elements

effect factor mode turns to platform mode

in the general view of insiders, China's innovative industrial clusters can be understood as: industrial clusters with innovative enterprises and talents as the main body, knowledge or technology intensive industries and brand products as the main content, innovative organizational networks and business models as the basis, and systems and cultures conducive to innovation as the environment. Compared with imitation industrial clusters, its innovation degree is higher; Compared with labor-intensive industrial clusters, it belongs to knowledge or technology intensive industrial clusters

since the pilot period of industrial clusters in China is three years, the first two batches have expired at present. Judging from the current situation, the pilot purpose has been basically achieved. Taking the innovative industrial cluster of Zhuzhou rail transit equipment manufacturing, which won the first batch of pilot projects from the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China in 2013, as an example, after the pilot development, this industrial cluster has a strong demonstration and driving role in the development mode and enterprise assistance. In 2015, the total output value of the cluster reached 100.37 billion yuan, becoming the first 100 billion level industrial cluster in the region. In 2016, the total output value reached 118.45 billion yuan, with an average annual output growth rate of nearly 20%

the competitiveness contained in industrial clusters is mainly manifested in the collective competitiveness, which is the competitiveness generated by the close division and cooperation of a group of related enterprises, which are not necessarily large enterprises. In fact, in recent years, small and medium-sized enterprises have been playing a major role in the formation of USB, the most popular and successful external equipment in China's innovative industrial clusters. The most typical is that Zhejiang small and medium-sized enterprises support the vast majority of innovative industrial clusters. Even today's famous large enterprises such as Lenovo, Haier and Huawei are dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises in their industrial clusters before they really become large enterprises. With the rapid growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, there are more and more large enterprises in many innovative industrial clusters

for the future development direction of industrial clusters, in the view of industry experts, the development of industrial clusters in China has experienced the traditional element mode of "nine supplies and one leveling of land + tax policy", and is experiencing the nesting and Phoenix attracting platform mode of basic platform and public platform. Next, the ecological service mode will attract much attention

what is the ratio of each region of innovative industrial clusters in the future? Elements and platforms are easy to be imitated and copied, but ecological differences are often difficult to surpass. In other words, cluster version 3.0 based on the struggle for ecological services will be the focus of future industrial development competition. Zhao Huacun, engineer of Tianjin Institute of science of science, said

outlook evaluation index system needs to be improved

however, it should be pointed out that since many innovative industrial clusters in China are still in the early stage of formation, many people still have a vague understanding of industrial clusters, especially innovative industrial clusters. In addition, in the market competition, we mainly rely on low-cost strategy to form competitive advantage. Innovative industrial clusters generally have the problem of low industrial level and low added value of products

for example, some places have many misunderstandings about the development of industrial clusters, such as the development of leading industries (or pillar industries) is equal to the development of industrial clusters; The development of industrial parks is simply equivalent to the development of industrial clusters, the construction of districts in villages and towns, and the establishment of parks in towns and towns, with excessive emphasis on the geographical concentration of industries; Some places, regardless of local conditions, excessively lengthen or extend the industrial chain and insist on supporting the success of the industry

in this regard, industry experts believe that some places rely too much on large enterprises or large projects to develop industrial clusters, ignoring the main role of small and medium-sized enterprises, and only pay attention to the construction of hard environments such as infrastructure, while ignoring the construction of soft environments such as cultural exchanges

industrial agglomeration does not lie in the number of industrial agglomeration plates and the length of product life cycle, but in how the actors in the cluster develop, how the industries promote each other, and whether they can rely on internal force for development. Said Dr. Zang Hongyan of the China Academy of science and technology development strategy

she believes that China's traditional industrial clusters mainly focus on building industrial chains and industrial clusters. At present, the purpose of promoting the development of innovative industrial clusters in China is to improve the regional competitiveness of Chinese industries in the world, so as to enhance international competitiveness. To build China's innovative industrial clusters, we must first break through the traditional thinking set of industrial clusters, start from the global industrial chain, run through the new development concept, achieve innovation driven development, and enhance national competitive advantage

it should be pointed out that in the view of the industry, since the first batch of innovative industrial cluster pilot projects in 2013, its evaluation indicators have played a positive role in guiding the National High-tech Zone in expanding advantageous industries, creating an ecological environment, and improving the service system. However, with the in-depth promotion of the national innovation driven strategy and the adjustment of regional industrial structure and economic development mode, it is very necessary for national high-tech zones to create brands, seize the opportunity and lead regional economic development in the way of industrial intensification, integration and clustering, and revise and improve the evaluation index system of innovative industrial clusters

in this regard, some experts believe that the construction of innovation clusters in the future, first, we should guide the national high-tech zones to select an advantageous industry with regional characteristics at a certain stage, strive to form a regional brand within three to five years in the way of clustering, and implement differentiated development and the focus, aggregation and fusion of key industries; The second is to guide the leading enterprises of the cluster, focus on the layout of the industrial chain and strengthen the research and achievement transformation of key technologies, participate in and support innovation and entrepreneurship activities, pay attention to the impact of new technologies and applications such as Internet + on industrial development, help the advantageous industries become stronger and bigger, and establish a scientific and technological support system for sustainable innovation; The third is to guide the cluster construction units and national high-tech zones to further explore the effective mechanism for the development of industrial clusters, and form an organizational form that conforms to the national strategic orientation, meets local actual needs and maintains industrial competitive advantage. (Zhong Yuan)

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