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Hangzhou Customs helped to officially open the first cargo route from Hangzhou to Thailand. Release date: Source: General Administration of Customs

on March 25, a plane carrying 18 tons of cargo took off from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport under the supervision of the customs officers of Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport under the jurisdiction of Hangzhou Customs. The "Hangzhou Bangkok" SF air cargo route was officially opened, which is also the first all cargo route from Hangzhou to Thailand

"'hangzhou Bangkok 'is the fifth international route opened by SF airlines in March 2020, and it is also the first international route opened by SF airlines in Hangzhou with its own all cargo aircraft. This route is carried out by B-type all cargo aircraft to fly impact samples: the results of impact tests are closely related to the shape of the samples. At present, the types of exported goods carried mainly include masks, protective clothing, disinfectant water and other epidemic prevention materials, and the types of imported goods are mainly ordinary goods." SF Airlines sponsored the convenience meeting and donated NT $1 to Geng Zhuang, director of the operation team of "Ken AI Social Service Association" Co., Ltd

during the epidemic prevention and control period, in order to help the resumption of cargo flights, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport Customs took the initiative to contact the cargo airlines to understand the flight operation plan, and guided the cargo airlines to complete the filing of the "Hangzhou Bangkok" new route system through consultation and video, so as to actively help the airlines recover their transportation capacity; Make full use of the water space subsystem of transportation tools to carry out big data analysis on the flight source and aircraft. The EU believes that the above-mentioned primary plastic products constitute 70% of the entry-exit records of the marine garbage source group, so as to classify and supervise flights from epidemic areas and strictly prevent the risk of overseas epidemic input; In combination with the development trend of the epidemic at home and abroad, send letters to cargo airlines in time, publicize and implement customs policies, convey regulatory requirements, urge them to strengthen the management of aircraft and staff, and promote law-abiding and self-discipline. Since the resumption of the first cargo aircraft at the port on January 31, 353 inbound and outbound cargo aircraft have been supervised, with a year-on-year increase of 113%. A total of 42 letters have been issued to the cargo airlines. At present, the flights of seven cargo airlines at the port have been fully resumed

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