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Hangcha X Series forklift conference was held at Shanghai CeMAT exhibition

Hangcha X Series forklift conference was held at Shanghai CeMAT exhibition

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on November 1, 2016, China Federation of logistics and purchasing (C jointly studied two research projects FLP using functional nanoparticles to make aircraft parts conductive), China Society of Mechanical Engineering (CMEs), Hannover Milano Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd The Asia international logistics technology and transportation system Exhibition (CeMAT Asia), CO hosted by Hannover exhibition company in Germany, opened in Shanghai. As the most famous and professional logistics industry exhibition in the Asia Pacific region, CeMAT Asia has become an exchange event leading the development trend of the entire industry. Hangcha X series internal combustion forklift new product press conference and the press conference were held at the same time during the exhibition to promote this innovative product and unique technology internationally on the CeMAT Asia platform

Ms. Zhang Jie, Secretary General of the industrial vehicle branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Mr. Wang Fuxi, Secretary of the board of directors and assistant general manager of Hangcha group, Mr. Chen Saimin, assistant general manager and chief engineer of Hangcha group, Mr. Wang Guoqiang, assistant general manager and marketing director of Hangcha group, Mr. Xu Zhengyu, deputy chief engineer of Hangcha group and other major leaders of Hangcha company attended the press conference, Hangcha agents and professional buyers from all over the country also witnessed the grand occasion of the press conference. The warm atmosphere at the press conference won the high attention of the on-site audience and industry media, and became a hot spot of this exhibition

in his speech, Mr. Wang Fuxi, Secretary of the board of directors and assistant to the general manager of Hangcha group, said: Hangcha has been making unremitting efforts to build a national brand in the forklift industry since 1956. At present, Hangcha is already a leading domestic and world-class logistics equipment manufacturing enterprise. Under the spring breeze of supply side reform, Hangcha group is determined to forge ahead and has achieved considerable development, The product line of the enterprise has been greatly enriched. The company has invested huge human and material resources to actively develop products including new energy forklifts, lithium battery forklifts, storage equipment, as well as intelligent industrial vehicles, robots, driverless vehicles and other fields, and will display them at this exhibition. On the basis of the traditional internal combustion forklift, the grand launch of X Series forklift has made a qualitative improvement over the previous traditional forklift in terms of emissions, noise, safety, comfort, operation efficiency, etc., highlighting the basic policy of innovation driven, quality first, and green development of made in China 2025

internal combustion forklifts are powered by internal combustion engines, which have strong power and a wide range of applications. At present, the sales volume of internal combustion forklifts worldwide still accounts for more than half of the sales volume of forklifts, and the Chinese market still accounts for about 70% at present. Domestic forklift manufacturers sell more than 10% of internal combustion forklifts to Europe, the United States and other countries every year. However, with the continuous promulgation and implementation of various EU directives and the increasing awareness of people's environmental protection, enterprises can only be based on the international market by constantly carrying out technological innovation and integrating with international advanced technology, and timely introducing new products to the market

as the red cover of the new product is lifted (2) electrical connection: plug the source plug of the motor into the corresponding socket, The X Series forklift, a new generation of internal combustion forklift equipped with Bosch diesel common rail technology engine, built by Hangcha group, was officially unveiled. Non road mobile machinery needs to meet the emission standard of the third national standard, which will raise the domestic internal combustion forklift to a new level. The improvement of emission standard will inevitably promote the development of engine technology. In order to meet the requirements of the current stage, Hangcha's X series internal combustion forklift has introduced Bosch diesel common rail technology engine in recent years to realize the separation of pressure establishment and injection process, so as to make the control process more flexible, realize the precise control of small fuel volume more accurately, and better realize multiple injection

x series internal combustion forklift is a new product developed based on the design concept of product progressiveness. From the perspective of engine selection, environmental friendly engines with low fuel consumption, low emissions, low noise and high efficiency can greatly reduce environmental pollution. The Bosch diesel common rail technology engine of X series internal combustion forklift has further improved emissions and significantly reduced noise. From the perspective of hydraulic system, the hydraulic system with efficient and energy-saving design should not only realize its load and regulation functions, but also use energy as much as possible to achieve the purpose of efficient and reliable operation. Effectively reducing energy consumption means reducing environmental pollution. When designing the hydraulic system, X series internal combustion forklifts consider reducing the power loss of the system in many ways, For example, through the adjustment of system pressure and the application of load sensing technology, forklift failures caused by the decline of the overall efficiency of the system, the rise of oil temperature and the deterioration of oil can be avoided. In terms of safety, the safety of products has become a threshold for enterprises to enter the international market. X series internal combustion forklifts have been designed to provide the maximum safety factor for drivers and operators and minimize the risk of damage to forklifts. The application of its electronic technology, forklift intelligent module and IOT technology makes the forklift safety develop in the direction of intelligence, and gives an ordinary forklift a "soul"

at the subsequent reception, Secretary Wang made comments on the main development direction and future goals of Hangcha's products in the next few years, his views on the forklift market situation in 2017, Hangcha's innovation in marketing mode in recent years, forklift's communication with the outside world through Internet, and the growing demand for "intelligent logistics", Hang fork content touched on how to best deal with or recycle waste fiber reinforced polymer materials, what kind of plans and deployment, and so on

the success of this exhibition and the X series internal combustion forklift press conference has once again enhanced the popularity of Hangcha brand. The collective appearance of the whole series of products shows the strength of Hangcha, and continues to move forward to achieve Hangcha's goal of "becoming the world's strongest forklift enterprise"

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