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Hangzhou pinxiangtan common carton printing technology

carton printing technology is simple, economical and popular. There is a large demand for cartons in the market, and the printing technology is also a lot of basic composition of production, study and research frameworks. Here are several common carton printing processes

1 Offset printing process

at present, the factory tax included 2080 offset printing process has multi-color groups, multi-functional web paper and flat paper models. The former has a high production speed and is suitable for printing preprinted cartons with large batch production and relatively fixed product structure. After printing, the face paper can be directly mounted and bonded with the corrugated cardboard on the corrugated production line. The printing speed of the latter can reach about 10000 sheets per hour, which is suitable for printing carton products produced in medium and small batches. The printing specifications of face paper can be flexible. The flat paper machine can also directly print fine corrugated board, and its overprint accuracy is higher than the former, and the quality is relatively stable. The offset printing process has a thin ink layer, which is more suitable for fine line plates and multicolor plates that are overprinted or overprinted. It has the production advantages of high point resolution, rich printing layers, clear gradation boundaries, soft tones, and good printing reproduction effect. The printing plate has successfully won the bid for the national new material production and utilization demonstration platform construction project. It is convenient and fast to make, easy to install and calibrate plates, and low plate making costs, It is widely used in the printing of color preprint carton paper

2. Gravure printing process

gravure printing process is also divided into web paper and flat paper printing machines, and there are many types of color decks and functions. This printing process has the characteristics of high printing plate resistance and fast printing speed. Because the ink layer of gravure printing is thick, the printing ink color is full and full of three-dimensional sense, the printing layer of the layout is rich, the texture is strong, and the printing ink drying speed is fast, so it is more suitable for large-area and thick ink printing products. Gravure printing process can be suitable for printing field, spot color line plates, and fine grain plates. Compared with offset printing, flexo printing or silk screen printing, this process is the least prone to printing color difference, and the printing product quality of cartons is the most stable and best. As the gravure plate is made of steel roller material through electroplating, electric carving and other processing processes, its plate making process is relatively complex, and the plate making materials and costs are also relatively expensive

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