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"Hanfeng" heavy truck Shandong market received 26 orders

"Hanfeng" heavy truck Shandong market received 26 orders

China's labor competition constituted a batch of innovative achievements and typical utilization process machinery information

"Hanfeng" heavy truck continued to heat up in the hot wave, and the Shandong market reported good news again. Recently, a new dealer in Shandong successfully signed an order for 26 "Hanfeng" with XCMG heavy trucks. Since 2015, XCMG heavy truck has continuously developed and optimized dealers, strictly reviewed new dealers, and strengthened the strength of dealers. The dealers who signed the order entered at the end of 2015. The city is a major vegetable market in China and an important transportation and logistics hub. The actual market demand and unique traffic conditions provide favorable conditions for the successful entry of "Hanfeng" heavy trucks

whether it's high-speed logistics or low-speed heavy load, from fruits and vegetables to dangerous chemicals, "Hanfeng" heavy truck is active in all corners of the market with its wide applicability, reliable safety, fuel economy, and driving comfort. After all, it finds materials that meet its needs, leaving a good reputation among dealers and users

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