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Hangzhou H3C communication lecture hall network education platform was officially released

adhering to the new it concept, the education platform brings a new learning experience to learners

ctiforum on September 19 (Li Wenjie): on September 16, 2014, Hangzhou, China, as the leader of the new IT infrastructure, Hangzhou H3C communication officially released the H3C lecture hall of the new network technology education platform in Hangzhou headquarters, focusing on integrating the network technology courses Virtual classroom, which has a decisive contribution to the large-scale process with special capacity, vocational education evaluation and certification and cloud Experiment 1. Equipment name: rich experience and continuous investment in the field of computer-controlled low-temperature automatic impact Laboratory of Jinan experimental machine factory, create an industry-leading professional learning management and practice new platform with the concept of new it, and lead new ideas of education and training practice

with the rapid development and rapid change of network technology, as well as the increasingly strong user and market demand for fragmented learning time, mobile network life, systematized knowledge management, and integration of educational practice, H3C lecture hall network education platform came into being. Through the scientific education mode of learning from time to time, it reasonably divides four learning sections, namely learning, virtual classroom, evaluation system, and cloud experiment, for the customers of H3C Channel partners, enterprise employees, students and social IT practitioners provide scientific, professional and personalized network technology learning experience

professional learning management: according to the needs and knowledge reserves of different users, H3C lecture hall has developed a professional learning management system, including curriculum structure, ability model, learning path, qualification, talent management, offline training, integral management and customized reports, to guide users to improve their learning initiative and pertinence

interactive practice platform: HCl cloud laboratory platform provides a device simulator for lighting measurement method GB 5699 (85) users to practice after learning. Users can freely create personal network laboratory, DYI exclusive simulation experiment equipment, and download the latest simulation equipment of H3C at any time. Visual practical experience and interesting personality design have greatly changed the way users learn and work

mobile learning method: H3C lecture hall not only supports PC browsing, but also supports tablet computers and other mobile clients, which greatly facilitates users to use fragmented time to learn anytime and anywhere

community-based user experience: virtual classroom brings the offline learning circle to the online. By using the sharing and interactive functions of online courses, students and lecturers can share screens, courseware, notes and meeting invitations, bringing users a community-based learning experience

liuxiaobing, director of H3C training center, said: H3C has never forgotten its original intention, put talent training at the strategic height of the enterprise, continue to innovate, and constantly improve the industry's best network technology education and training platform and talent knowledge management system. In addition to extending the service life, the benefits of this push can also reduce the test error. The H3C lecture hall is a major milestone on the road of realizing the interconnection of network science and technology education. We hope to do our bit to cultivate and deliver innovative talents for China's IT industry and practice our own enterprise society, which is also the historical mission of H3C in the rapid development stage of national informatization

over the past decade, H3C has continued to invest in training and certification, networking colleges, networking technology competitions, and formed authoritative networking certification systems such as h3cse and h3cte, as well as perfect teacher training mechanisms. It has signed cooperation agreements with more than 350 colleges and universities. The training courses have also expanded from networking foundation, routing, and exchange training to more than 300 courses and more than 1000 sets of supporting multimedia courseware in the fields of security, wireless, data center, cloud computing, it management, and so on, More than 270 H3C partners in 29 provinces across the country have become members of the talent alliance, and four sessions of the H3C Cup National College Students networking technology competition, which promotes teaching, learning and employment through competition, have been held. These efforts and achievements fully demonstrate the corporate culture of H3C's love for learning and talent, and have also become a recognized model of networking technology education in the industry

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