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Hangzhou: Regulations are refined to over packaging

in order to restrict and encourage energy-saving behaviors of enterprises and individuals, Hangzhou will introduce policies, regulations and economic levers in the just concluded London Marathon, such as technological transformation, tax incentives and ecological compensation, These include the regulations of Hangzhou Municipality on promoting circular economy, the implementation measures of Hangzhou Municipality on saving electricity, the regulations of Hangzhou Municipality on the management of solid waste, the special plan of Hangzhou Municipality on energy conservation, the administrative measures of Hangzhou Municipality on commodity packaging, and the administrative measures of Hangzhou Municipality on the recycling and disposal of waste household appliances and electronic products

for) different industries and fields, Hangzhou will formulate mandatory standards for energy consumption, water consumption, pollution discharge and over packaging of products, adopt government subsidies to force the elimination of old-fashioned sanitary ware, encourage the reduction of resource consumption in green hotels, restaurants and shopping malls, promote product ecological design and use recycled materials, prohibit the use of solid clay bricks in the construction industry, and in shopping malls Supermarkets and farmers' markets promote the use of "green packaging" to control "white pollution"

this year, the research team led by the National University of Singapore in our Jinan experiment in Hangzhou developed pet aerogel using plastic bottle waste, which is the world's first. It is soft, flexible, durable, very light and easy to process. The factory's products are of good quality, many customers, and the level of service naturally needs to keep up. Some regulations are being formulated and implemented, Among them, the pilot of sulfur dioxide emission trading has been carried out among enterprises in accordance with the administrative measures of Hangzhou for the trading of major pollutant emission rights; By the end of next year, we will eliminate all oil tanker trucks and ships such as pulp hanging machines and ships; By 2008, Hangzhou will take the lead in requiring new buildings to save 65% energy; In 2010, 70% of the cement in Hangzhou will be unpacked with kraft paper and sold in bulk

source: City Express

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