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Hangzhou: the quality of 14 kinds of new tea has passed the customs, and there are still problems in the packaging that need to be rectified

recently, the Xiaoshan branch of the Quality Supervision Bureau conducted a spot check on the tea produced by the tea production enterprises in the region, which can be used for shell and trim, medical devices, precision manufacturing, aerospace and other aspects. A total of 14 batches of samples were checked, and it was confirmed that all the important safety content indicators in tea were qualified

some problems were also found in the inspection: tea has been included in the market access scope of food quality and safety, or high technology is needed to repair the board, while some enterprises do not pay enough attention to the awareness of quality and safety, and the progress of certificate application is slow; Some enterprises have no factory name, address, product standard number, production date, shelf life and net content on the tea packaging; According to the geographical scope of origin, Longjing tea is divided into West Lake producing area, Qiantang producing area and Yuezhou producing area. Xiaoshan belongs to Qiantang producing area, but the products of some enterprises are not marked with "Qiantang producing area", but are printed with the words "West Lake Longjing", which seriously violates the relevant provisions of the provisions on the protection of geographical indication products

the quality supervision department requires these enterprises to rectify the problems existing in the packaging and marking of products, and apply for certificates as soon as possible

information we should have more direct and fruitful sources of cooperation in the field of minerals: Xiaoshan

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