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Hangzhou Kewang has launched a UV transparent varnish with double curing and hot pressing

Hangzhou Kewang has recently developed a UV transparent varnish with relief effect for users. This product can be fully printed with thick film silk or curtain coated on glass and mirror metal plates for three-dimensional decoration of glass and mirror metal products

uv-gi-809n is unique in that:

1) the transparent coating after UV curing has good thermoplastic. At a certain temperature, embossed patterns can be rolled out with carved metal rollers

2) it can be light cured and heated for secondary curing, with dual curing characteristics. After baking, the embossed patterns formed by rolling are completely solidified, no longer thermoplastic, but become thermosetting components with compact structure, elegant appearance and solid performance. In this way, the inspection, calibration and technical services of the system 1 scheduling not only improve the adhesion fastness of the coating to the glass, but also improve the surface hardness of the cured film, killing two birds with one stone

1. When measuring, first place the oil box on the oil box head seat installed together with the microscope, so the accuracy of the signal is the first problem to be considered in the design of the tension machine hardware system. 3) after vacuum coating, the transparent relief pattern can also give the decorative glass products a metal effect (reverse printing and positive viewing)

4) because the three-dimensional pattern is rolled, there will be no bubbles in the cured film, the product has high transparency, strong three-dimensional sense, and there are no jagged defects on the edge of the line, which can not be avoided by the silk printing process

5) high production efficiency. Coating, UV curing, rolling and thermal curing processes can be completed in one assembly line, which greatly improves the production efficiency

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