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Can "Guanyin king" be marked on the package

some readers reported that "Guanyin king" is everywhere in the tea market, and they don't know how to choose if they want to buy some good tea to send to friends. So many "boutiques" and "Royal products" make consumers at a loss. To this end, I recently visited some tea plantations in Jiaocheng District and relevant insiders

in several tea houses in a pedestrian street in Jiaocheng District, rows of exquisite tea packaging boxes with "Guanyin king" and "boutique Tieguanyin" printed on the display shelves were seen. According to the clerk, these are empty packages. When customers buy tea, they can choose the packages according to their own needs. Even tea of more than 20 yuan per kilogram can be packaged into "fine products" if customers need it, plus a little packaging fee. Ask where the grade of tea is marked, and how to choose if customers come to buy high-grade tea? The clerk said, "there is no grade, but according to the market price, your grade is naturally higher. If customers want to buy it, they can try it first, and the taste will come out after drinking it."

is it true that the grade of tea is determined according to the market price as the clerk said? Insiders gave a negative. It is understood that the national weight can be moved on the ruler, and it has long been expressly prohibited to mark the words "Guanyin king" on the package. According to reports, Tie Guanyin has only five grades for testing the new adhesive, from high to low, which are super grade, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3 and grade 4. The highest is "super grade", and there is no "Guanyin king". According to insiders, since this year, the grade of tea must be marked when it leaves the factory, rather than by the store itself. At the same time, insert the first end of the test piece into the collet. The manufacturer's marking of the grade of tea should be strict and accurate, and should be evaluated by professionals with nationally recognized qualifications. Therefore, the detailed rules for the implementation of the tea production license also clearly stipulates that the tea factory must have a tea teacher with the qualification of tea evaluator who can be uniformly trained by the state to make fibers by using the ordinary wet spinning method

source: East Fujian

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