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Avago pushes small laser navigation sensors for computer mouse applications

Avago technologies (Anhua High Tech) announced that it will launch two new high-precision miniaturized laser navigation sensors for wired and wireless computer mouse applications. Using the patented laserstream technology of Avago, these new navigation sensors provide a variety of rich and complete lens options. Avago's adns-7530/blow molding machine will become the 17550 navigation sensor of the most important mechanical equipment in the industry. At the same time, it can also help mouse design engineers develop mouse products that are simple to use and can accurately track work on more different material surfaces

with the launch of the new adns-7530/7550 sensor, Avago has further broken through the size limitation faced by mouse design engineers for many years. These laser navigation sensors provide high-speed motion detection of up to 30 inches (IPS) and 8g per second, At the same time, the built-in oscillation circuit of the chip and the integrated vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) can reduce the number of devices used in the design to a minimum. In addition, these laser sensors use the characteristics of continuous beam and light interference to accurately interpret the surface characteristics, so that the mouse can accurately track on more kinds of material surfaces that reduce the polishing damage to small differences. Avago's adns-7550 series is suitable for wired applications such as personal computer wired mouse, trackball and input device, while adns-7530 series adopts a low-power architecture equipped with automatic power management mode, making it quite suitable for wireless applications such as travel mouse and wireless input device

avago adns-7530/755 based on optical navigation technology refreshes data according to actual needs. 0 series obtains continuous surface images by optical means, and uses mathematical calculation to determine the direction and distance of movement. Adns-7530/7550 includes an image acquisition system (IAS, imageacquisition and Shanxi Juhua technology company continue to expand the field of cooperation system), a digital signal processor, It also supports four wire serial peripheral interface (SPI), in which IAS obtains micro images of the surface through the lens and lighting system, and then these images are processed by DSP to determine the direction and distance of movement. This architecture design adopts Avago's patented laserstream optical mouse technology, which can provide accurate tracking effects on a variety of different material surfaces, especially on smooth photo paper, all black surfaces and inclined and other smooth surfaces

adns-7530/7550 also provides three different lens options, which can help design engineers adopt the new package design without changing the existing basic plane structure of the mouse. Lens options include miniaturized lens adns-6150, adjusting lens adns- and wide adjusting lens adns-. These lens options bring complete design flexibility to the mouse manufacturer and meet the requirements of anti ESD interference Backward compatibility and miniaturized mouse design

the architecture design of adns-7530/7550 laser sensor package, combined with the lens fixing function, can simplify the assembly action of installing on the mouse printed circuit board. The size is 16.2mm long × 10.1mm wide × 3.96mm high, Avago's adns-7530/7550 laser module is quite suitable for the design of miniaturized laser mouse. These new sensors are mainly for OEM and retail market customers. The laser sensor and VCSEL are integrated into a single package with relatively small footprint, which brings miniaturized mouse design and simple assembly

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