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Autumn low-carbon wind happy refreshing home

autumn low-carbon wind happy refreshing home

September 27, 2012

[China paint information] autumn is a harvest season. It was learned from the first brand of health paint in China that during the "golden nine and silver ten" period, meitushi strongly carried out a national promotional linkage activity with the theme of "golden autumn 'makeup' love nest, meitushi get together cost-effective". The content of the activity no longer continued the "old three", but followed the line of quality and environmental protection, truly created value for consumers, and triggered the consumption "Butterfly Effect"

Frederic Petit, DSM's director of sustainable development, communication and brand building, said

it is reported that the national promotion linkage of mattex in the golden autumn broke the traditional promotion mode, and took "high quality" as the starting point to ignite the "golden nine silver ten" home decoration paint market

It is reported that since August, various promotional activities have begun to appear in the paint market, warming up the sales season of golden nine and silver ten. Recently, the visit found that the online and offline integration of the "golden autumn makeup love nest, beautiful tux get together cost-effective" activity was popular with consumers

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meitushi launches golden autumn promotional activities across the country to gather consumers

it is understood that the "golden autumn makeup love nest, meitushi get together cost-effective" activities have been landing strongly all over the country. In Mianyang, during the event, Metz products are all 7-pack discount, and the top six signers at the event site can also get a barrel/group of white bamboo charcoal wall paint or white bamboo charcoal wood paint free of charge; In Xichang, during the event, consumers can enjoy preferential prices and five gifts

in addition, the "health benefits, 0 yuan storm" in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia; Or Pingliang meitushi's "1 yuan auction, free gold"; Or Qingyang meitushi has been brilliant for three years, starting a new township model; Or the road show in Wennan Town, Xintai District, the on-site sample experience, the fish swimming in the paint and other wonderful interactions; Or Ningbo meitushi white bamboo charcoal products were strongly watched, and so on. Meitushi gives consumers real benefits

it is also understood that activities such as mall Shenghui and Weibo interaction on metus online have also attracted the attention of many friends. On Sina Weibo, meitushi launched the # golden autumn makeup love nest, meitushi get together cost-effective # smash golden eggs award-winning micro activity, which was surrounded by friends in just a few days. By the end of the day, many lucky friends have received golden autumn gifts from meitushi

0 yuan refresh your heart

it is understood that since the launch of the event, there have been frequent good news from the front line of meitux: 12 orders were sold at the scene of the Changde Hanshou jiangjiazui event, and 47 barrels of medium and high-end products were sold; There was a warm atmosphere in the promotion activities in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia. 17 orders were sold on site, 24 groups of high-end tea garden formaldehyde wood cleaning paint were sold, and 18 barrels of hc=100- l/0.025 white bamboo charcoal series products were sold; On the day of the four seasons Red Town event in Yiyang, 30 orders were sold on the spot, and the order of high-end products of white bamboo charcoal reached 98 barrels. Local dealers said that white bamboo charcoal health paint, which has obtained the national CQC carbon footprint certification, was snapped up by enthusiastic consumers...

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the promotional activities of meitushi were strongly supported by consumers all over the country.

the visit found that white bamboo charcoal health paint was favored by consumers, Miss Chen, the consumer, told her that her family was preparing to repaint the house. The products of metus were environmentally friendly, low-carbon, pollution-free and of good quality. She trusted her. Taking advantage of this preferential event, she had bought white bamboo charcoal health paint

according to the shopping guide of a monopoly store of metus, after the "golden autumn makeup love nest, metus get together cost-effective" activity was carried out, due to the large discount, consumers really got benefits, and the business in the store suddenly became popular. Now I can write out no less than ten orders a day

it is understood that the white bamboo charcoal of meadows has a stronger taste purification effect than ordinary bamboo charcoal. Through the unique "natural microcirculation system" adsorption purification release balance taste purification operation process, formaldehyde, benzene, VOC and other harmful substances in the air are adsorbed and purified, while releasing the conditional yield strength as often taken σ 0.3 is the stress when producing 0.2% residual strain (Fig. 1b). Negative ions, known as "air vitamins", balance indoor humidity

talking about price reduction, discount and lottery byebye

visited a number of paint stores that were carrying out promotional activities and found that their activities were basically "the same three" of price reduction, discount and lottery. Some consumers told that they had gradually become bored with the promotional activities of merchants, and doubted whether these promotions were really preferential, This year, the activity of "love nest with makeup in golden autumn, get together for good value" of metus brightened their eyes

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it is a metus Juhui promotion prepared by blowing under high temperature, which makes consumers happy and refresh their homes.

the relevant person in charge of metus said that as the advocate of "green home decoration and environmental friendly coatings" in China, metus has always adhered to the product development concept of "environmental protection, low carbon and pollution-free", and promoted healthy high-quality products and high-quality technical services. In this golden autumn national promotion linkage, meitushi no longer simply continues the "old three", but makes great efforts in the quality of products, so that consumers can really enjoy the activity discount, buy affordable and reliable health paint, and paint a healthy and happy home

a professor of marketing at a university said that nowadays, consumers will not only put price first, but are more willing to obtain the understanding of brand reputation through various ways, so as to judge the quality of products. At a time when promotions are frequent and intense, brand upgrading, promotional product innovation, and marketing thinking transformation should become the emergency actions of major enterprises to convey their brand strength and quality to people more. Taking the high-end boutique route may be easier to break through in the flames of promotions

according to the analysis of industry experts, in view of the golden autumn peak season, metus grasps the market smell, innovates the form, and takes the lead in launching the national preferential linkage. In the golden nine silver ten paint market competition, metus preempted the golden nine silver ten paint market in advance, leading the golden autumn home decoration market, effectively demonstrating the influence of metus health paint, and creating a healthy and happy home life for consumers

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