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Avaya helps medical institutions improve the treatment level and eliminate potential safety hazards

CTI Forum (ctifo the company will become a part of Dow DuPont agricultural department rum) March 6 news (Li Wenjie): Avaya, a global supplier of communication and collaboration solutions and services, is committed to helping medical institutions improve the service experience of patients, strengthen the team cooperation of medical institutions with advanced technology, and optimize patient contact and service levels

avaya solution can realize telemedicine, remote consultation and virtual medical care, help hospitals improve the level of treatment, improve the efficiency of nursing teams, and better control costs. Meanwhile, while ensuring smooth data access, Avaya solution can also protect data security and eliminate security risks

avaya provides the following solutions for medical institutions:

Mobile Collaboration - mobile collaboration can enable patients to get the support of the whole nursing team and improve their experience. Avaya mobile activity assistant and Avaya One-X mobile help medical institutions, patients and medical staff keep in touch anytime and anywhere through smart and tablet computers, so as to achieve faster and better nursing collaboration and improve treatment efficiency

video collaboration - video collaboration technology can realize telemedicine, enabling small or remote clinics to maintain contact with expert level large-scale health care institutions. Doctors can obtain and share important image information with colleagues wherever they are, so as to diagnose and treat patients in time and save costs. The scorpioa desktop solution also helps simplify home care. Nowadays, health care institutions are trying to reduce costs, so home care has become more important. At the same time, Avaya's various video solutions have also played an important role in promoting the development of medical education relying on the solutions of aluminum processing projects such as An'an precision aluminum, Chenlong aluminum and Shenwei electronic industrial park

healthcare Contact Center - Avaya's active contact and other technologies save management resources for appointment reminders, increase revenue, and support patient care. Avaya solution can seamlessly integrate inbound and outbound communications for applications such as nurse calls

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data security assurance - Avaya not only keeps information unblocked, but also pays attention to protecting data security. Avaya vena fabric connect can flexibly partition the network. Guest Wi Fi access, medical device access and payment system are isolated from each other, which helps to protect sensitive data

avaya has provided communication, collaboration and networking solutions for 5500 health care institutions around the world, including 7 of the world's top 10 medical institutions. Over the past six years, Avaya has invested more than $2.5 billion in overall technology research and development, aiming to revolutionize enterprise collaboration, including healthcare institutions and clinics


the healthcare industry has recognized that technology can change the way of service, and actively adopt new technologies to enable patients to obtain a comprehensive and innovative experience. Healthcare has become one of the first industries to adopt communication and collaboration solutions. Avaya has rich experience in this industry, helping healthcare institutions use communication and collaboration solutions to improve patient experience, promote business development, and meet privacy, regulatory and security requirements

- Tara Mahoney, senior director of Avaya professional services healthcare consulting

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