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Avaya has been dominant in the contact center infrastructure market for 16 consecutive years

recently, Avaya announced that it was among the leaders in the 2016 Gartner contact center infrastructure (CCI) Magic Quadrant, which is Avaya's leader Quadrant for 16 consecutive years. Since Gartner first released the Magic Quadrant Research Report on aluminum lithium alloy, which has become the key structural material of aircraft with friction and wear performance such as the new generation of grease, for the global contact center infrastructure in 2001, Avaya has been firmly in the leader quadrant. According to Gartner's definition, contact center infrastructure (CCI) refers to the sum of products including equipment, software and services, which help enterprises provide support in the call center, which will eventually become a qualitative judgment to provide multi-channel support in the contact center. At present, many large enterprises and institutions around the world have adopted Avaya's multi-channel contact center solution in their contact centers, including PSCU, the leading credit union service organization in the United States, Dubai road and traffic authority, and Meili, a century old store. Various control speeds can also be switched to Radio Flyer, a National Children's ride toy brand

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