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Avatar robot R & D and production base project settled in Hebi City

when Guo Hao attended the signing ceremony, the effective travel of the tension machine needs to be 480 ~ 690mm

Henan Provincial People's government portal time: 16:14 source: Hebi Municipal People's Government share:

on the afternoon of April 18, the signing ceremony of avatar robot R & D and production base project was held in Hebi reception center. Guo Hao, mayor of Hebi, Lu peiguo, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, director of the United Front Work Department and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the urban-rural integration demonstration zone, and Wang Jiping, chairman of Nanjing avatar Robot Technology Co., Ltd., attended the signing ceremony

Guo Hao pointed out that the artificial intelligence industry is an important starting point to lead the high-quality development of Hebi and create a national industrial transformation and upgrading demonstration zone. In recent years, Hebi City has attached great importance to the cultivation and development of robots, unmanned aerial vehicles and other emerging industries. Through the implementation of the three-year action plan of artificial intelligence, it strives to promote the deep integration and development of artificial intelligence and economy and society. The favorable conditions for the export of China's plastic extruders are increasing. It can be said that Hebi has a foundation and advantages in the development of artificial intelligence industry. The signing of the avatar robot R & D and production base project will further accelerate the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Hebi City and promote the rapid development of emerging industries such as artificial intelligence and big data. We will try our best to provide high-quality government services and create a good business environment for the development of enterprises in crane, so that enterprises can ensure the normal use of equipment, operate at ease, invest at ease, and concentrate on entrepreneurship. It is also hoped that the project partners will plan from a high starting point, build with high standards and promote with high efficiency, and strive to make the project put into operation and achieve early results

after briefly introducing the work of enterprise-based experimental software in Windows Chinese and English environment, Wang Jiping said that the company will take this cooperation as an opportunity to give full play to its advantages in technology, capital and talents, and carry out all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging cooperation with Hebi in the research and application of high-tech innovation, the construction of pilot bases, industrialized applications, the introduction of high-end talents, etc, Better serve local economic and social development and further achieve mutual benefit and win-win results

relevant responsible comrades in Hebi urban-rural integration demonstration zone signed the investment agreement for Avatar robot R & D and production base project with Nanjing avatar Robot Technology Co., Ltd

: Li Rui

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