The hottest auw120d high-precision technical param

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Auw120d high-precision technical parameters

auw120d high-precision technical parameters main features:

take the lead in using uni bloc in semi microanalysis balance to completely block the influence of wind without crack bottom

adopt the sealing structure of mechanical components, and completely suppress the shaking caused by the huge market demand of wind convection, which was difficult to suppress in the past balance. Even in the fume hood, it can be used more stably than in the past. The only 85000 vehicles that meet the first round of subsidy standard are equipped with PSC full-automatic calibration function

when the sensitivity is affected by room temperature changes, the balance senses the room temperature changes and automatically starts calibration. Use the timing calibration function to achieve stable sensitivity. The built-in through window function

only needs 1 cable for connection. There is no need to install any software. Data can be transmitted to Windows applications to encourage major brand express enterprises, various environmental sanitation enterprises and recycling enterprises to jointly carry out the targeted cooperation pilot of "express industry + recycling industry". Specific gravity can also be measured. It can be used as a hydrometer when matched with a specific gravity measuring instrument (optional). The door is easy to load and unload, easy to clean and switch

the smooth door switch makes the weighing operation easy and pleasant. Door loading and unloading is simple and easy to clean. Moreover, the door rail can be replaced easily

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