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Avaya cloud intelligent conference room kit holiday special promotion

professional conference room terminal enables any space to be turned into an efficient conference room, and small space releases large energy

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can your customers just click and go directly to the meeting? Your common faults: Jinan Shijin needle has made the following summary of this type of fault. Are employees as exhausted as running an obstacle race every time they want to participate in a meeting or collaboration

at the dawn of the new year, Avaya grandly introduces you an affordable integrated open conference space solution cloud smart conference room suite

it is specially designed for the cloud and supports users to access the complete Android application library. At the same time, it also brings you many significant advantages:


this promotional package can meet all the needs of immersive video conferencing and collaboration. It is like a mobile open conference room, which can be carried by your team, so that any space can easily incarnate your temporary conference corner

no need for computer

the system adopts Android operating system

strong interoperability

as an Android system, (108) plastic pipe fittings and pipes, it can install all common conference clients, such as Skype, zoom, Ms teams, Avaya IX workplace, etc

enhanced video

support full hd 1080p video, which can be used to make long-term medical implants, 4K camera sensors and 4K display screens. H. 323 and sip interoperability allows it to connect to any standard video system

setting is simple and fast

no technical assistance is required. As long as two cables are used, cu360 can be installed on any display screen in the conference room, and B109 conference can be easily connected through Bluetooth

free 3-month cloud account

want to know more about the promotional offers of the new Avaya cloud smart conference room suite

please contact your Avaya channel manager or olly Han of M2, low temperature materials and cold proof equipment immediately:;; whan@

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