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Fujian assistive device service skill competition was held with 10 teams participating in the competition

2018 Fujian assistive device service skill competition was held in Fuzhou

Fuzhou, September 5 (originally regarded as an experiment, was there an extended plan?) on the 5th, the "2018 Fujian assistive device service skill competition" hosted by Fujian disabled persons' Federation and undertaken by Fujian disabled persons' assistive device resource center was held in Fuzhou. More than 130 people participated in the competition, including 10 teams, referees and staff composed of disabled assistive equipment workers from all districts and cities in the province

with the progress of science and technology and the improvement of medical conditions, assistive devices have become a tool for the disabled to reduce or eliminate obstacles. At present, there are more than 2 million disabled people in Fujian, of which more than 30% have the need for rehabilitation aids. In order to better serve the disabled, a team of assistive device service teams will go into villages and communities to provide face-to-face assistive device evaluation, rehabilitation training and assistive device adaptation for the disabled, and help the disabled rebuild their lives. Fujian assistive device service skills competition enables assistive device workers to gather in Fuzhou to compete for theoretical knowledge and practical skills through home environment assistive device service professional skills competition and orthosis production, so as to promote the exchange and cooperation of assistive device workers

Luo Hongxia, deputy director of the Organizing Committee of the competition and deputy director of Fujian disabled assistive devices Resource Center, said that the purpose of the competition was to build a platform for talents with skills exports of more than 100 million tons to show their skills and learn from each other, and constantly improve the technical level of the provincial assistive devices service team. At the same time, select the team members to participate in the 2018 national auxiliary equipment service skills competition

it is reported that as an important hand-held experimental machine industry to cultivate the auxiliary equipment service team in the province, Fujian Province has formed a normalization mechanism for the "auxiliary equipment service skill competition" to encourage auxiliary equipment workers to learn technology and improve their skills through the competition. In order to meet the growing needs of the disabled for assistive device services, so that more disabled people can get satisfactory services

the competition attracted 10 teams including Fuzhou to participate in the

competition to compete the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of assistive device workers. The dynamic display of experimental process and experimental curve by computer can

stimulate assistive device workers to learn technology to meet the growing needs of the disabled for assistive device services

the competition has also become a platform for assistive device workers to learn from each other

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