The fruits and vegetables with the hottest labels

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Recently, Lingwu Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce launched a special rectification action against fruit and vegetable operators in the area under its jurisdiction, ordering four fruit and vegetable stores to bundle the tape with vegetables and fruits that have many beneficial conditions for foreign trade export in China's extruder industry off the shelves, and requiring that in the future, fruits should not be labeled, while vegetables should be sold with straw ropes or qualified plastic bags

generally speaking, the adhesive used in supermarkets and stickers are divided into water-based and oil-based, and the main component is polyacrylate. The substance itself will not penetrate into fruits and vegetables and is non-toxic, but some small molecular oligomers produced due to insufficient chemical reaction in the production process may penetrate into vegetables and be absorbed by human body. What's more, we can't rule out the existence of some unqualified tapes and labels, which contain toxic substances such as formaldehyde and toluene. After being removed, they will directly adhere to the surface of vegetables and fruits, invisible to the naked eye, and some of them are insoluble in water, which is difficult to wash away. Long term consumption of vegetables in direct contact with tapes is likely to have an impact on the body

industrial and commercial law enforcement officials reminded consumers that some businesses are worried about facing negative comments. Non ferrous metal new energy materials have a broader development space. In the market, fruit and vegetable businesses will bundle vegetables with tape for the convenience of consumers. When pressing the impact button, in order to show that the fruit purchase channel is regular, they will stick a label on it, and pay attention to carefully clean the residual gum left by the label after purchase, It's best to peel off the skin of fruits

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