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The fresh-keeping effect of micro frozen shrimp is good

recently, a new aquatic product, micro frozen shrimp, was launched in Hainan. Micro frozen shrimp is a new aquatic product invented by Hainan Dazhong Marine Industry Co., Ltd. by introducing the micro frozen technology invented by Mr. Han Yongmiao and purchasing a large number of South American white shrimp cultivated in Hainan for innovative processing. It is of great technical and economic significance to the development of agricultural and sideline production in Hainan, especially to promote the development of fish and shrimp aquaculture

shrimp foods such as Penaeus vannamei and Penaeus monodon are rich in nutrients, delicious and delicious, and people like to eat aquatic products. Because it is rich in protein, it is easy to deteriorate at room temperature, resulting in a waste of resources, and shrimp fishing and breeding can not be fully utilized; In addition, the use of freezing, frozen storage method, fresh-keeping time is not long, easy to deteriorate in the cold storage process

it is understood that the low-temperature preservation method adopted by some research institutions in the United States and internationally is not suitable for the preservation of shrimp because of its high cost

the mechanism that Antarctic fish can still preserve life in low temperature is that when the temperature drops, some fish, such as cod, contain a special antifreeze protein in their blood. When the temperature drops, some animals will increase cellular polysaccharides in their bodies to resist freezing, and micro frozen ice will form on the surface of animals to form relatively complex freeze-thaw resistance. Thus, the cells in the body will not cause ice crystal frost heave and rupture due to the decrease of external temperature, and the living body can be maintained, and will recover and revive when the temperature rises

according to the mechanism of biological freezing resistance, the inventor summarized the most economical and commercially meaningful micro freezing technology after 4 years of research and experiment, and developed two micro freezing devices. In the experiment, loach and crucian carp can be revived after thawing; The cell walls of shrimp and fish were well preserved after somatic cell sectioning. There was no extravasation of soluble protein and cell protoplasm during thawing, so the thawing water was clear and clean

the shrimp that has been slightly frozen is then cold treated and placed in a cold storage at -18 ℃ for refrigeration. The maximum storage time is 24 months, and the fresh-keeping reaches the national first-class freshness standard for shrimp. In August, 2002, it was stored in batch production for 6 months. After thawing, the head and tail of fresh shrimp were complete, with a certain degree of curvature. The shrimp body was relatively straight, blue and white, translucent and not red. It was mainly to control excellent resources outside; In the middle reaches, the shell is glossy, slightly moist, red after cooking, fragrant, elastic and curved, with similar quality of live shrimp. This shows that micro freezing technology 8. The experimental machine has made a major breakthrough in aquatic products preservation technology when it is used for shrimp preservation in the working process

the micro frozen shrimp processed by micro freezing technology is a pure natural healthy food without chemical preservatives

it is reported that this micro freezing technology can also be applied to the preservation of meat, fruits and other aspects

source: Chinese fishery

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