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Huishang Futures: fuel oil closed low and the price adjusted at a high level

on Tuesday, fuel 2. The establishment of the index library, fuel oil closed low, the price adjusted at a high level, and the market continued to be in an upward trend. 809 fuel placement tested spring oil opened at 5160, with the highest price of 5188 and the lowest price of 5134, closing at 5160, down 25 points from the settlement price of the previous trading day

(NYMEX) crude oil futures closed lower on Monday, hitting a new high of nearly $140 in the session. The market expects Saudi Arabia to increase production to suppress high oil prices. The decline in late trading reversed earlier, with an increase of more than US $5 or nearly 4%. The weakening of the US dollar, blocked supply and geopolitical tensions led to the early rise of crude oil. Today's trend fluctuated, falling more than $1 before the record high. The settlement price of NYMEX July crude oil futures closed down $0.25, or 0.19%, to $134.61 a barrel, with an intraday trading range of 133 89 dollars, the latter higher than the high of 139.12 dollars set on June 6. NYMEX crude oil futures rose to a new high of $140 in August and after 2008. "After approaching $140 today, the market recognized the reassessment situation and noted that the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) may increase production, and that Saudi Arabia will hold a summit of oil producing and consumer countries this weekend." Andy Lebow, MF global broker, said. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said on Sunday that Saudi Arabia plans to increase production to 9.7 million barrels per day in July after a secret meeting with Saudi oil minister ona. Oil producers and consumers will meet in Saudi Arabia on June 22 to discuss the sharp rise in oil prices. Reuters' preliminary survey of analysts showed that crude oil inventories were expected to decrease by 700000 barrels last week

according to the domestic fuel oil review, fuel oil closed low today, the price remained high and volatile, and the market continued to be in an upward trend. The international crude oil price closed low after hitting a new high last night, and the market is still in an upward trend. In July, the crude oil price continued to be above $130, and it is more likely that the future market will continue to rise. The short-term market may be adjusted around 130 dollars, such as transparent lampshades, illuminators, car reflectors, etc., and the future market may be up to 150 dollars. If the international crude oil price falls below $110 in the future, the international crude oil price may continue to fall and the upward trend will be broken. From the perspective of 809 fuel oil, today's high-level adjustment of fuel oil, the market continues to be in an upward trend, and the future market may continue to rise. At present, the long-term trend of fuel oil is in an upward trend, and the current upward trend is intact. If the future market falls below 4780 points, the upward trend will be broken and the future market will continue to decline. When the market is above 4780 points, investors can continue to hold multiple orders

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