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Everbright Futures: fuel oil is still volatile in the short term.

on Tuesday, WTI's November contract rose $2.25 and the settlement price closed at $90.06/barrel; Singapore 180CST fuel oil fell US $34.75 to close at 4 Chizhou, Anhui: developing new aluminum based materials to create new support for the industry US $96.75. Yesterday, the fuel oil transfer price in Huangpu market was 4610 yuan, down 60 yuan from the previous trading day

on the news, the U.S. stock market continued to plummet on Tuesday, and the three major stock indexes fell by more than 5%. The Federal Reserve said it would buy commercial paper to ease the liquidity pressure in the credit market, which is an unprecedented measure of the Federal Reserve. After the Federal Reserve announced this plan, US stocks opened 1.5% higher, but then weakened. Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke said at the annual meeting of the American Association of business economics that the U.S. economy will remain depressed this year and 2009, and the chaos in the financial market will delay the recovery of the U.S. economy. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said on Tuesday that recent economic data and financial market developments showed that the prospects for economic growth had deteriorated, and the decline was either deformable or costly, with increased risks. He hinted that the Federal Reserve was ready to cut interest rates

yesterday, the fuel oil transfer valuation in Huangpu market was 4610 yuan, down 60 yuan from the previous trading day. Yesterday, the global financial market was still in a panic decline, and crude oil rebounded weakly, but today's electronic disk is still down. 1. Shanghai fuel oil futures of rubber tensile testing machine may still continue to decline slightly today, and the fluctuation range may increase

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