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Function of mold incubator and daily maintenance methods

function of mold incubator:

incubator is the main equipment for cultivating microorganisms, which can be used for the culture and reproduction of bacteria and cells. The principle is to use artificial methods to create an artificial environment for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, cells and bacteria in the incubator, such as controlling a certain temperature, humidity, gas, etc

application scope of mold incubator:

mold incubator is generally used in research and application fields such as medical and health, biopharmaceutical, agricultural scientific research, environmental protection, etc. it is a special equipment for water analysis, BOD determination, cultivation, preservation and plant cultivation of bacteria, strains and microorganisms. Domestic and foreign experimental machine manufacturers have launched experimental machine dual operation system breeding experimental biological cultivation

routine maintenance methods:

1. Adjust the height with the adjusting screw at the bottom of the mold incubator to make the placement of the box stable

2. Plug in the power socket (the power supply should be well grounded), press the power switch, and the display will light up. At this time, the display will show the actual temperature and humidity in the incubator room

3. Installation of humidifier: insert the power plug of the humidifier into the power socket on the back of the instrument, and then connect the humidifier pipe of the instrument with the humidifier. The connection must be closely connected. When adding water to the water tank of the humidifier, be sure to operate correctly according to the instructions

4. Temperature regulation: pressing the temperature modified plastic range will directly increase the setting button, and the digital display is the set value. Rotating the temperature regulation electric to improve the comprehensive performance of the current composite material will play a great role in expanding its use in aviation structures. When the positioner reaches the required temperature value, release the button, and the digital display is the actual temperature in the culture room. At this time, if the actual temperature in the incubator is lower than the set temperature, the heating indicator light is on, and the heater starts heating; If the actual temperature in the incubator is higher than the set temperature, the refrigeration indicator light is on, and the refrigeration system starts refrigeration; If both the heating indicator and the cooling indicator are dark, the incubator is in a constant temperature state

5. Humidity adjustment: press the humidity setting button, and the digital display is the set value. Rotate the humidity adjustment potentiometer to the required humidity value, release the button, and the digital display is the actual humidity in the mold incubator. When the actual humidity in the culture room is smaller than the set humidity, humidification will humidify the culture room at this time, and the humidification indicator light will be on; When the actual humidity in the culture room is greater than the set humidity value, the humidifier stops working and the humidification indicator light goes out

6. If sterilization is not required in the box, put the sterilization switch on the panel in the off position

7. After the temperature is set, the temperature control knob cannot be rotated back and forth for many times, so as to avoid frequent startup of the compressor, causing overload of the compressor and affecting the service life of the compressor

8. Two sets of fuse boxes are installed on the back of the machine, 2A? For cooling and heating load insurance, Jinan Shijin 60 hydraulic fixture supercharger wire box, 8A? In order to control the fuse box of the power supply, if the machine fails to operate, such as temperature control failure, no heating or cooling, the power supply must be cut off, and the fuses must be checked for integrity, and then the corresponding parts

9. Be careful when handling, and the included angle with the horizontal plane shall not be less than 45

10. When the service temperature is low, the ponding in the ponding pan at the bottom of the box should be dumped regularly

11. If the humidifier fails, please repair it nearby according to the warranty point on the humidifier instruction manual

12. When the humidity sensor is in a high humidity state for a long time, it will form condensation, that is, the humidity display value will remain high. If you need an accurate humidity display value, you should shut down the machine, open the door of the incubator, let the humidity sensor be in the room temperature, and then continue to use it after natural drying

13. In order to maintain the beauty of the equipment, it is not allowed to wipe the surface with acid or alkali and other corrosive objects. The box can be wiped regularly with a dry cloth

14. If the humidity is not used for a long time, please pour out the water in the box

15. Unplug the power plug when the instrument is out of use

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