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The national six fuel standard will be implemented from January 1, 2019

according to the news released by Xinhua news agency, there is no phenomenon of glass fiber reunion. The executive meeting of the State Council deployed the implementation of the three-year action plan for the blue sky defense war. In order to continue to improve air quality, vehicle gasoline/diesel that meets the national six standard will be fully supplied across the country from January 1, 2019

the relevant person of the Ministry of environment introduced that the three-year plan of the blue sky defense war will focus on the prevention and control of motor vehicle pollution from six aspects when the universal experimental aircraft does not conduct experiments for a long time, of which the sixth is "actively promoting the upgrading of fuel quality", and oil products are an important part of the prevention and control work. According to the deployment, from January 1, 2019, China (4) will soon enter the national six era of vehicle gasoline/diesel by connecting the cam of electromechanical and reducer to drive the connecting rod to move back and forth

compared with national five oil products, national six gasoline/diesel focuses on reducing the content of olefins, aromatics, benzene, etc. in vehicle gasoline; Reduce the content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in vehicle diesel indicators, and increase the quantitative index requirements of total pollutant content; The indicators have fully reached the current level of European Union vehicle oil standards, and some indicators have even exceeded the European Union standards. The data shows that compared with the national five standard gasoline/diesel, the carbon monoxide emission of national six oil products is reduced by 50%, the emission limit of total hydrocarbons and non methane total hydrocarbons is reduced by 50%, and the emission of nitrogen oxides is reduced by 42%

it is understood that in order to control pollution, some cities and regions have taken the lead in implementing the national six standard vehicle gasoline/diesel, or have plans to supply national six oil products in advance. For example, Beijing has fully used Jing Liu oil products that are stricter than those of Guo Liu since March last year; Since October last year, the "2+26" cities in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the surrounding areas have banned the sale of vehicle gasoline/diesel under national standard 6. The cross North universal testing machine puncture universal testing machine meets the parameters: Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and other six provinces and cities jointly take action and layout in advance

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