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The function and application of act401 inverter

act401 series inverter applies the most advanced motor field oriented control theory, adopts high-performance power modules and German advanced inverter manufacturing technology. It is a new generation of inverter originally manufactured in Germany. Act401 series frequency converters can provide suitable solutions for simple frequency conversion control or complex and high-performance servo applications. It can drive synchronous motor and asynchronous motor, and can also control high-precision and high-performance servo motor. The rated capacity range of act401 series frequency converter is 0.55 ~ 65kW. The voltage adopts wide voltage design. The frequency converter with rated 400V input voltage can work normally under -20% ~ +30% power supply. The whole series of products have obtained CE and UL certification, and meet the EMC specifications required by the European Union (EU)

the frequency converter control includes two current loops, one is the control flux current value ISD, and the other is the control torque current value isq. Because these two values are completely independent, the system realizes decoupling, which is equivalent to a separately excited DC motor. The frequency converter has built-in definable incremental encoder feedback interface (simple a and B-phase interface), the maximum frequency is 150kHz, and the i/o interface module can be expanded. The frequency converters are based on CAN bus, and the field bus can support CANopen, PROFIBUS DP, lon, rs-485/232, etc

the software includes four sets of parameter sets, with built-in intelligent PI controller, which can effectively control the pressure, flow, speed, etc., and can output 100% of the rated torque of the motor during open-loop 0Hz operation. The specially designed heat dissipation system makes the maximum ambient temperature of the frequency converter as high as 55 ℃, and the system design is safer and more stable

in the application of multiple frequency converters, it can be wired according to the wiring mode of common DC bus, which is conducive to absorbing the regenerative power supply inside the system, avoiding protection tripping and saving energy. Act401 series frequency converter is very small (such as 3KW overall dimension H × W × D only 250 × sixty × 175mm), which can be installed close to and side by side, greatly saving the installation space. The expansion module is easy to install. Just insert the option module into the reserved expansion card interface

synchronous application on the origami machine

in the application of the origami machine, the speed of the four motors needs to be synchronized at the same time, or synchronized in proportion, otherwise there will be paper breaks or unpacking, resulting in production stoppage or waste products. The system bus (can) is used for communication between the four frequency converters, and RS-485 is used for communication between PLC and touch screen and frequency converter. As long as users modify the parameters on the touch screen, they can meet the process requirements. The frequency converter communicating with PLC is set as master, and other frequency converters are set as slave. PLC can read and write the parameters of the slave through the host

Application in textile machinery

in recent years, with the rapid improvement of the electromechanical integration level of textile machinery, AC variable frequency speed regulation has become a trend. In most newly developed textile machinery products, variable frequency speed regulation of AC asynchronous motors with poor demand is applied without exception, which not only reduces power consumption and costs, but also simplifies the mechanism and improves performance. The proportion of all aluminum body pure electric buses equipped on the bus lines in Songjiang District of Shanghai reaches 76%. Act401 series inverter has a plastic shell appearance and small size. It is a inverter customized by Vectron for high-end applications in the textile industry. Act401 series frequency converters have been widely used in Sula spinning machines

power loss maintenance function: even when the total power supply is suddenly cut off, the frequency converter can drive the equipment to shut down normally, so as to avoid the problem of wire breakage caused by the sudden power failure of textile machinery. The electronic gear function can realize the precise synchronous control of several motors, which is suitable for the complex control requirements of textile machinery

application on cable laying machine

the internal software of act401 series frequency converter has point-to-point positioning function, which can realize the accurate positioning of 32 different positions. In the application of wire arranging machine, the accuracy of wire arrangement can reach 5 μ m. The response speed is ± 3000r/min within 50ms, and this accuracy has reached the control accuracy of high-performance servo controller. (end)

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