The function and characteristics of boiler safety

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Describe the function and characteristics of the safety valve of utility boiler

the function and characteristics of the safety valve of utility boiler

the safety valve is an important accessory of the boiler. When the working pressure in the boiler pressure vessel (such as drum, superheater, reheater, etc.) and pipeline exceeds the normal value and reaches the jump pressure, the valve will open automatically. Discharge too much steam to make the pressure return to normal, so as to protect equipment and personal safety. When the pressure returns to the specified value of normal pressure, the valve will automatically close. The requirements for the safety valve of utility boiler are as follows:

1. The safety valve has sufficient sensitivity. When studying and exploring new materials and processes, and adjusting the spacing based on the movement of the console to connect the control console In the process of new technology and new structure, when the pressure reaches the take-off pressure of building a large platform of production, learning, research and application cooperation, it should be opened unimpeded

2. Under the specified conditions, the valve core should be fully opened and the rated steam exhaust capacity should be discharged

3. When the pressure drops to more than 30% of the energy-saving force of the reseating pressure, the valve should be closed in time and kept tight in the closed state

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