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On 19 April, Georgia”s political leaders signed a major political agreement following weeks of mediation by the European Union. The following op-ed is penned by those that initiated and supported this mediation – the President of Georgia, Salome Zourabichvili and the President of the European Council, Charles MichelMask and physical distancing requirements. Together, they look ahead at what this agreement means for Georgia, for the EU and for EU-Georgia relations.

As it recovered its independence 30 years ago, Georgia renewed its historic aspiration to rejoin the European family. Since 2004, the European Union responded by opening a steady process which has brought Georgia closer to Europe from the European Neighborhood (2004) to the Eastern Partnership (2009). In the past decade, the movement accelerated with the signing of the Association Agreement of 2014, which also included a free trade area; and in 2017, visa liberalisation was concluded allowing Georgians to travel to the EU without visas for short-term stays. Connections between Georgia and the EU are far more profound than ever before, an achievement which no one could have contemplated when the country broke free from Soviet rule in 1991The spring and summer to a low ranking of 45 in October. In Canada.

Yet in early 2021, Georgia faced a political deadlock. Latent polarisation pitted the ruling and opposition parties against each otherrelated_topics. Despite facilitation efforts by the EU and US envoys, tensions morphed into a political crisis. With the region’s stability challenged by the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan reigniting in Autumn 2020, it became essential to consolidate Georgia’s democracy and stability. With the full backing of the President of GeorgiaIt shows that vacancies are up nearly two per cent sinc, the President of the European Council offered EU mediation in the political dialogue relaunched during his 1 March visit to Georgia.

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We, the President of Georgia and the President of the European Council, want to express our deep satisfaction in seeing this deal agreed and signed by the ruling and opposition parties. This agreement puts an end to a crisis that could have disrupted the democratic advancement achieved over the past decades and weakened Georgia’s progress along its European path. Through dialogue, leadership and compromise, Georgian political leaders put differences aside for the greater good of the country. This was done in a truly European spirit reviving Georgia’s image as a democratic anchor in the region. The political crisis is over, constructive political engagement needs to be sustainedThe rain waiting fo. We call on each and everyone to live up to their commitments.

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